Unsupported Troubleshooting

Installing Dependency Packages

Oftentimes an Unsupported Application will only work properly in Crossover if one or more necessary dependency packages are installed into the same bottle as the program.

If the program you're trying to install is listed in the Compatibility Center, check the "Forums" and "Tips & Tricks" to see if any other users have mentioned necessary dependencies that one must install. (If the program has a Crosstie file, you should just use that file to try and install the program, as these files are programmed to install necessary dependencies.)

To install a dependnecy into the same bottle as your program, click the Bottles button in the top left and select your bottle. Then click "Bottle" and "Install Software into..."

In the Install Software menu that opens, click the "Browser Available Applications" button. Expand "Non-applications" and then "Components".

Click on the package you need, and then click on "Install". Crossover will then install that package into the bottle that contains your program. When the installation is complete, launch your program to see if the addition of that package helped its functionality.

If you don't know exactly which package you should try and install, you'll need to do some guesswork based on the error messages your program is displaying, or the general misbehavior it's displaying. Very commonly needed packages include:

Core Fonts
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 6 Runtime
Microsoft XML Parser 3.0
Windows OLE Components

Another way as not to take too much time installing dependencies, here are a couple of links to archive bottles with dependencies installed:


The next step when the archive bottle is created is to install your unlisted application into that bottle.

Using Wine Configuration

The Wine Configuration tool allows you to make changes to bottle settings. This tool should only be used by experienced Crossover/Linux users, or if you're asked to use it for a specific purpose by our support staff. You'll find it in the "Control Panel" tab of Manage Bottles.

Noteable troubleshooting steps that one can accomplish with Wine Configuration include:

Setting library overrides (Libraries tab)

This will force Crossover to use a different version of a library (dll) than the default, or to ignore a given library. To add a new override for a library, select it from the drop down menu and click "Add" (or enter the name of library if it's not already present in the list). To change an existing override, highlight a library in the list and click "edit."

Emulate a Virtual Desktop (Graphics tab)

This sets a bottle, and thus the program running inside it, to a specific display size. The effect is that a program will 'think' that it's running full-screen, but it's actually running in a window on your desktop. This helps alleviate window management problems in some programs.

Click on "Emulate a virtual desktop", set the desired size (typically you'll want to use a 4:3 aspect ratio, such as 800x600 or 1024x768), then click "Apply" and "ok".

Map a new drive letter (Drives tab)

This will assign a drive letter to a given directory on your computer. By default Crossover assigns 3 drive letters to the bottle's "drive_c", your user account, and your hard drive's root-level (link to page about browsing), but users sometimes need to assign a new drive letter to a network location, or some other directory.

Click on "Add", and select a letter. Then, highlight that letter in the "Drive Mappings" list and click on "Browse" down next to "Path". Browse to the directory you want the letter assigned to. If you're looking to assign a drive letter to a network location, you'll find that location in "Volumes".

Gather a debug log

For advanced users, it's often helpful to capture a debug log of a misbehaving program. Please note that in most cases our support staff will not be able to examine unsolicited logs for an unsupported program, but if you're handy with reading log files this is a valuable tool for troubleshooting your program.

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