Crossover Mac FAQ

Installation Issues

Crossover says X11 is missing.
I already installed X11, and Crossover says it's not there!
Install and use multiple versions of Crossover on Mac
My CD is in the drive and the game doesn't see it!
Disable a Virus Scan on the Mac

Sound & Video

Change the GLSL key for a bottle
I'm displaying my applications to a Mac OS X or NoMachine Client and some text is not visible
My screen just went totally black! How can I get my desktop back?
How to reset the DPI in Crossover
Disable window decorations in Mac Driver

Language/Locale Settings

How can I set apps in Crossover to use a different language than the OS?
How can I set Crossover, itself, to use a different language than the OS?
Why is my Date Format wrong?
I am in a non-English locale, and some characters on my keyboard do not produce characters in Windows applications. Can this problem be solved
CrossOver is in a Different (incorrect) Language
Umlauts in password won't register Crossover


How to upgrade my Steam bottle to Windows 7 and get rid of the XP warning
Crossover won't work in an account that has been moved using the Migration Assistant
Windows apps fail to launch, deleting bottles fails
Change the Bottle Directory in Crossover Mac
Printing documents from applications within Crossover
How do I get a USB device to work?
Bottle Creation fails with odd "" message
Enable Java on OS X 10.7
Application icons are not being created after Windows programs are installed in Crossover Mac
How do you mount the Windows partition of a hybrid Windows/Mac DVD?
Run a windows app from terminal
Use the windows Command Prompt
Passwords using deadkeys won't work in Crossover
How to archive and restore bottles

Deprecated Articles

Apps in upgraded bottles fail with "unimplemented function" error
Where is the Windows control panel?
My finder is freezing and unusable! Crossover 10.x and OS X 10.6.8
Backtrace shows 'read fault 0x0000' on Mac 10.6.x
Scrolling is unpredictable
Apps in Emulated Virtual Desktop crash in Crosover Games on OS X 10.7
How to flip the video of a game that displays upside-down
Crossover says I have to Buy a Support Extension to update
How can you remove the system tray?
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