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How to archive and restore a bottle

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Step 1 - Launch crossover and click on the 3 bottle icon to the top left to reveal the column listing all bottles.
Step 2 - Right click on the bottle you want to archive.
Step 3 - In the dropdown menu click on “Export ( the bottle name ) to Archive.

Name the archive.

Step 3a - Give the archive a name.
Step 3b - Select location where to save the archive.

Restoring the archive.

Step 1 - Launch crossover.
Step 2 - Navigate and click the bottle menu to reveal the dropdown.
Step 3 - Click on “Import Bottle Archive.

Select an archive file.

Step 4 - A dropdown window appears, select the location where the archive was saved.
Step 5 - Locate the .cxarchive and select it.
Step 6 - The “Restore” button will be highlighted and click it to begin the process of restoring your bottle.

The bottle should appear now in Crossover!

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