Advanced Settings in CrossOver 23.5

Here is some additional information on the Advanced Settings toggles available in CrossOver 23.5.

  • D3DMetal - D3DMetal is a graphics API translation layer from the game porting toolkit supporting DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games. When enabled, D3DMetal is used instead of DXVK or the wined3d default.

  • DXVK — DXVK is a Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 10 and 11. When enabled, DXVK is used instead of the wined3d default. Some games run better with DXVK, while others run better with wined3d.

  • ESync — Eventfd-based synchronization. Some applications run with better performance with ESync enabled, some applications show no difference, and some applications are broken by ESync.

  • High-Resolution Mode — High-resolution mode switch. When enabled in CrossOver Mac, pixel doubling is turned off, and CrossOver reports a high-resolution (192 DPI) to the application. If the application handles this correctly, graphics display in more detail. Not all applications render correctly in high-resolution mode.

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