Finder is freezing and unresponsive, and you have Crossover 10.x installed on OS X 10.6.8

This page no longer applies to current versions of CrossOver

Version 10.6.8 of Snow Leopard introduced a bug in icon generation through certain APIs and command-line tools used by CrossOver. This affects the document icons for our document-type associations. Then, when the Finder encounters a document of one of these types with a corrupt icon, it freezes or crashes.

What this means for the user is that, even if Crossover is not running at all, Finder can become wholly unresponsive and use 100% of your CPU if you view a folder containing one of the corrupted icons.

To fix, please install Crossover 10.1.1 (or Crossover Games 10.1.2), choosing to replace your pre-existing version. Launch it once and allow it to upgrade your bottles. Finder should now behave normally. You may need to re-set Crossover's Programs menus via Configure>Clear and Rebuild Programs menu, but in general this shouldn't be necessary.

If Finder is so unresponsive that you're having trouble even installing Crossover, delete your

/(home)/Applications/CrossOver (or CrossOver Games, as the case may be)

folder, first. You can either try to do so in a finder, or use a Terminal and run the following command:

rm -rf ~/Applications/CrossOver

Then, install Crossover 10.1.1 (or Crossover Games 10.1.2) and use Configure>Clear and Rebuild Programs menu
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