How do I get a USB device to work in CrossOver 16.x and older?

CrossOver can't connect directly to hardware ports or devices on your computer. This can cause problems if the Windows program you're trying to use needs to communicate with a USB device. A potential workaround is to manually map a device entry from the native OS to a symlink in the bottle containing your Windows app, and then hope that the Windows app sees the COM port and can use it to connect to the device.

The first thing you need to do is discover which /dev entry is being created when you connect the USB device to the computer. Disconnect the device from your computer and run the following commands in a Terminal:
cd /dev
ls > ~/disconnect.txt

Connect the device, wait a moment for your computer to recognize it, and run the command:
ls > ~/reconnect.txt

Now compare the difference between the two file listings to see what /dev entry was created.
diff ~/disconnect.txt ~/reconnect.txt

If there is a new device entry listed use that name as (device-entry) in the following steps.

Mac OS: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/CrossOver/Bottles/(bottle-name)/dosdevices ln -s /dev/(device-entry) com1
Linux: cd ~/.cxoffice/(bottle-name)/dosdevices ln -s /dev/(device-entry) com1

With luck your Windows program should now be able to use COM1 to access the USB device.

Please remember that we don't officially support any programs that use serial ports. If you're still having trouble getting your application to work we may be able to do custom programming for your application to get it connected. Contact for more information and mention that you've already tried these steps.
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