Editing Bottle Registry Keys

You may encounter tips, guides, or instructions for troubleshooting issues that ask you to set registry keys for Windows applications. Each bottle has a separate registry. Registry key settings in one bottle do not affect other bottles; however, registry key settings may affect all applications in that bottle — another reason to install applications into separate bottles.

There's a great breakdown of useful registry keys over at WineHQ. This example shows how to enable the useGLSL key.

1. Accessing a Bottle's Registry Editor

Select the desired bottle from the Bottles list in the left sidebar, and click Run Command.

Type regedit in the Command field, and click Run.

The registry editor opens in a new window.

2. Add a New Key

Browse to the location specified in the instructions you're following. For this example, we'll add useGLSL=enabled to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/Direct3D, which is a fairly common value to add for 3D games.

Note: It is common to abbreviate HKEY_CURRENT_USER as HKCU and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT as HKCR.

Browsing to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine, we see that Direct3D isn't there.

To add Direct3D, right-click on Wine and select New > Key (or highlight Wine and go to Edit > New > Key).

Next, enter a name for the New Key entry (e.g., Direct3D).

3. Edit Registry Key

Right-click the Direct3D key and choose New > String Value (or highlight Direct3D and go to Edit > New > String Value). You will now see a new entry in the right panel.

Name the entry useGLSL, and press Enter. Then right-click the key and choose Modify (or highlight the key and go to Edit > Modify).

Type enabled in the Value data field, and click OK.

The String Value useGLSL=enabled is now added to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/Direct3D.

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