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How to remove Crossover from your Mac

Please note on Mac OS 10.7 and later the Library folder is hidden. To reach it open the Finder, go to the Go menu, hold down the Option key, and pick the Library menu item that appears.

1. Drag the CrossOver folder to the trash.

/Users/(your home folder)/Library/Application Support/CrossOver

2. Trash Crossover's preference files.

/Users/(your home folder)/Library/Preferences/com.codeweavers.*

Delete any com.codeweavers.* files you find in this directory.

2a. Check for additional license files and delete them if present.


3. Drag the Crossover folder from your home folder to the trash.

/Users/(your home folder)/Applications/CrossOver

4. Open Terminal (in Applications>Utilities) and run a command.

defaults delete com.codeweavers.CrossOver
Then logout and back into your user account.

5. Drag Crossover's application icon to the trash.


If you're only resetting Crossover you can skip this step.

(We also have instructions for uninstalling CrossOver Linux)
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