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Installing an Unknown Windows Application from a file

Launch Crossover by double-clicking on the Crossover icon in your Applications folder.

Click the Install a Windows Application button.

Select Other Application under the Unsupported Applications section.

Click on Select an installer, and then Choose Installer File.

Browse to and select the installer .exe for your program. Click on Use this installer after selecting it.

You can expand the Will install into a new winxp bottle section and change the name of the bottle if you want.

And finally click on Install in the lower-right corner to proceed.

Installation in progress

Crossover will first create the bottle and then attempt to run the .exe installer your picked.

If all goes well the Windows installer for your program will appear. Follow the installation steps as you would on a Windows machine. It's usually best to leave everything at the defaults.

If the Windows installer finishes but Crossover never moves on click the x circle button next to the progress bar in the Crossover Install Software window and pick Skip this step.

Crossover should then report that the installation is complete. Click Done.

Launching your Program

If your program's installation was successful and a launcher icon was created, you should see a Finder window appear and show you the icons for your application. You can launch your program by double-clicking on these icons. These application shortcut icons are located in (your home folder)/Applications/Crossover.

You can also launch your program by double-clicking its icon in Crossover.

If no application icon shortcuts are created you can try manually launching your Windows program using Crossover Run Command.
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