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Enjoy our complimentary online video resources. CrossOver Tutorials on Mac and Linux and Chrome OS, Windows software running on CrossOver, corporate silliness and more.

Aric is Awesome
uploaded: 2018-03-07   length: 0:00
Windy Wednesday. You won't want to miss this. No, it won't help you install CrossOver on Mac or Linux or Chromebook. No, you will not get CrossOver for free. Yes, you will not be able to unsee this. Just another day working in tech.

Employees Caught Cracking Windows
uploaded: 2017-04-01   length: 0:15
In this exclusive anonymous cell phone video, three CodeWeavers employees are seen cracking Windows. When asked about the alleged ‘cracking of Windows’ CodeWeavers CEO, Jeremy White quickly came to their defense stating, “This is fake news.”

What the duck? We're 20!
uploaded: 2016-05-20   length: 2:35
May 20, 2016 - CodeWeavers Turns 20. $20 CrossOver with code DUCK20 at: (valid thru 5/20/2016) How do employees of CodeWeavers cope with the mind’s stress inducing thoughts and emotional upsets of being in the software business for 20 years? The variety of technologies is nearly infinite, but the cultivation of mindful awareness has expanded our consciousness and kept us going.

CodeWeavers Christmas Video 2014
uploaded: 2014-12-08   length: 0:00
Merry Christmas, Joyous Festivus, and Happy Holidays for 2014! To learn more on how to easily run your Windows apps on Mac and Linux visit our website at:

Working at a Software Company
uploaded: 2014-03-20   length: 0:00
On 19 March, 2014, we had a group of bright-eyed, eager young comp-sci students from Carleton College into our offices, to talk with them about possible careers in the technology field. As part of that, we prepared a little video - culled from out-takes of some of our corporate videos down through the years - showing them what they could expect from day-to-day life at a typical software company.

Flock The Vote Software Giveaway Announcement!
uploaded: 2012-10-29   length: 0:44
CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White announces that the company will give its software away for free on October 31, 2012. He was then attacked by a rioting mob of his own employees. Visit for more details.

Flock the Vote
uploaded: 2012-08-27   length: 2:13
CodeWeavers President / CEO Jeremy White announces "Flock The Vote"--wherein CodeWeavers will give away its award winning CrossOver software for free if 100,000 voters pledge to vote in the 2012 Presidential elections--to a packed press conference. Pledge Now

Flock the Vote 2012 Blooper Reel
uploaded: 2012-08-03   length: 3:39
The scenes that didn't make it into our Flock The Vote video. Video production at CodeWeavers: we're like a well-oiled machine! Pledge Now

Birther Video
uploaded: 2011-05-11   length: 0:00
It only seems like yesterday... (sniffle)... Yes, in May 1996, Jeremy White took the plunge and founded CodeWeavers, and then rolled out our product, CrossOver. Watch as he reminisces about that fateful day, as well as the details of the 15th Birthday Sale we're having, starting May 15, 2011.

Quick, funny overview of CrossOver Mac Impersonator
uploaded: 2011-02-28   length: 1:44
A quick, ridiculous overview of CrossOver Mac v10 ("Impersonator")

Video Outreach to David Pogue
uploaded: 2011-01-17   length: 1:40
Our video outreach to David Pogue announcing the release of CrossOver Mac Impersonator. Jon's Cher outfit is unleashed on the world.

The 12 Days of Festivus
uploaded: 2010-12-14   length: 3:41
Here at CodeWeavers, the month of December is given over to Festivus. During the month long celebration employees participate in many "Feats of Strength," "Airing of Grievances" and general imbibing.

Announcing the 2009 Ultimate Linux PC Winner
uploaded: 2009-12-07   length: 1:47
We announce the winner of the Ultimate Linux PC Build.

We run Left 4 Dead using CrossOver on the 2009 Ultimate Linux PC
uploaded: 2009-12-02   length: 1:01
We test Left 4 Dead using CrossOver 9.0 on the 2009 Ultimate Linux PC Build (NSFW).

Building the 2009 Ultimate Linux PC
uploaded: 2009-12-01   length: 2:39
We gave away a Linux PC custom built by our SysAdmin Jeremy Newman.

Lame Duck After Effects
uploaded: 2009-10-27   length: 2:41
The CodeWeavers staff recovers from the Great CodeWeavers Lame Duck Give Away.

CodeWeavers on track to Overtake Microsoft Revenue... in 2018!
uploaded: 2009-07-24   length: 6:08
Jeremy and Jon drive to Seattle to break the bad news to Steve Ballmer regarding our imminent takeover!

Lame Duck Hellstorm
uploaded: 2008-10-28   length: 6:04
An interview taken during the Lame Duck Internet Hellstorm, when we gave away 600,000+ copies of CrossOver in one crazed 24-hour period.

Announcing our CodeWeavers 2008 Presidential Lame Duck Challenge
uploaded: 2008-07-04   length: 4:13
Jeremy White, company CEO, announcing our 2008 Presidential Lame Duck Challenge!

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