CodeWeavers and Wine: A good pairing.

What is the Wine Project?

Wine is an open-source project that provides a compatibility layer used to run Windows applications on other operating systems such as macOS and Linux.

Wine works differently than other "emulation" software. Instead of running a version of Windows "in a bubble" inside your macOS or Linux environment, Wine is an intermediary. It translates Windows instructions into macOS or Linux instructions directly. That means when you open your Windows application, it will run faster and smoother than it would through an emulator.

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How we support the Wine project

We contribute all of our work on Wine back to the Wine Project. In fact, CodeWeavers developers make up for two-thirds of the Wine commits. The majority of the development we do goes into Wine first before it becomes part of our commercial product CrossOver.


software patches contributed to the WINE project to date

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active and former employees who have dedicated a large part (or all) of their time to supporting and developing projects that contribute to open source (up stream patches)


development hours donated to open source projects - made available to the open source community to use and benefit from


CodeWeavers is one of the main sponsors of WineHQ. We maintain and host the web presence for the Wine project.

Learn more at WineHQ

How you can support the Wine Project

Donate to the Wine project

Make a monetary donation to support the Wine Project.


Buy CrossOver

By purchasing CrossOver - you are supporting the Wine project as most of the code developed for CrossOver goes back into the Wine project.

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Learn to Develop in Wine

Contribute code to the project to be used by the whole community for everyone’s benefit

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Experienced Wine Developers - Apply for Jobs at CodeWeavers

We’re always looking for Experienced Wine Developers to join our staff!

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Wine Facts

Wine was originally an acronym for Wine Is Not an Emulator.

Wine is licensed as Free Software and is sponsored by the Software Freedom Conservancy

Using Wine is as close to making an application native as a developer can get without re-writing their calls to be completely native functions.

Wine now runs on macOS, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, ARM processors, PowerPCs, Android systems and many more!

Valve Software uses Wine to support Windows-only titles on the Steam Deck and Linux.

VirtualBox uses Wine on Linux to accomplish pieces of Virtualization.

Organizations that support Wine

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