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PitBull® Trusted Operating System (OS) is the next evolution in multilevel security (MLS). By enhancing and modifying the OS for trusted functionality, PitBull provides a secure foundation that prevents bugs from damaging the system; controls the network resources that can be utilized by each program; limits user and administrator accounts, and enforces security policies.

PitBull is a software package that integrates a layer of security to the OS level allowing for:

• Isolation of applications
• Control of network resources
• Elimination of superuser vulnerabilities
• Implementation of security architecture
• MLS labels enforced at the kernel level
• User and process clearances
• Creation of and protection for enhanced security audits

With PitBull, enterprises can create and manage a ‘true’ trusted environment that can validate communications between different security partitions at the packet level, and allow or deny access as directed. Enterprises can create compartments allowing for secure communications between applications or utilities without allowing direct access to each other’s files. And enterprises can now restrict users to applications and utilities at a specific defined level or allow users access to applications at a higher authorization level but only in a limited predefined manner.

PitBull is developed by General Dynamics Mission Systems, and is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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