CodeWeavers' Corporate Story:
Driving Change in the Computing World...

In the Beginning...
In 1996, Jeremy White started CodeWeavers to do general-purpose business software development. Then, a year later, everything changed. Jeremy ran across this technology called Wine.

A New Mission...
The more Jeremy looked at Wine, the cooler he thought it was. Because if it realized its potential, Wine could free the PC computing desktop from the shackles of Microsoft Windows. There would be plurality in the desktop world. There would be choice. There would be innovation.

With that, Jeremy completely re-oriented CodeWeavers around Wine. Our mission became: Transforming Unix into a Windows®-compatible operating system.

First Services, then Products...
CodeWeavers' initial business was to help companies port their Windows applications to the Linux desktop. In 2001, CodeWeavers also became a product company, with the first release of our award-winning CrossOver compatibility software for Linux. We've been selling both products and services ever since.

Our Continuing Mission...
With the announcement of Apple's move to the Intel platform in 2007, CodeWeavers released CrossOver Mac. This also broadened the company's range of services into Mac ports as well. To date, we've done Mac ports for a wide range of consumer applications, as well as some very well-known game titles. We are now doing Android ports as well. Our mission remains the same: bringing Windows compatibility to Unix-based operating systems, without saddling our customers with the need to run Windows.

CodeWeavers Corporate Headquarters Saint Paul MN
CodeWeavers Company Photo Saint Paul MN

Our Take
on Open Source Software

CodeWeavers supports the concept of Free (Open Source) Software. We believe that the success of Free Software will bring forth new, exciting products and services. We also believe that Free Software provides viable models for corporate growth. That's been our sole business model since 2000.

To that end, we are the largest supporters of the Wine Project. We have returned all of the changes and improvements we've made to Wine back to the Wine Project. So, we walk the walk with respect to Open Source.

Our Take
on Proprietary Software

At the same time, in order to reach our goal of freedom and greater competition, we have to eat. Additionally, many of our own customers make their livings selling proprietary software. CodeWeavers believes that there is a place in the world for both models.

CrossOver, while composed primarily of an open-source core, also contains proprietary components that comprise some of our "value-add." This allows us to differentiate ourselves against free Wine, so that our customers understand that they're getting more than just Wine.

By purchasing CrossOver, our customers directly help CodeWeavers. But beyond that, our customers also directly help Wine, since we return all our work to Wine. Thank you, esteemed customers, for making that happen: we deeply appreciate your support of our business philosophy.

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