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If Robin Hood and Tux (the Linux Penguin) had a love child: A rebranded CodeWeavers.
Stop thinking about penguin mating. Yes, the process was just as bizarre as you’re thinking. In fact, don’t think about it anymore. The new brand is cool. Focus on that.

SAINT PAUL, Minn (Tuesday, October 13, 2020) — CodeWeavers®, Inc., developer of CrossOver™ — a unique approach to cross-platform compatibility for macOS®, Linux and ChromeOS®— announced today an overhaul of its branding that reflects a more focused vision and enhanced service offerings. CodeWeavers launched an updated website ( offering two newly branded services — PortJump™ and ExecMode™ — alongside their OG software, CrossOver.

“This rebrand better represents the evolution of CodeWeavers over the last 14 years,” James Ramey, President of CodeWeavers explains. “We believe Robin Hood had the right idea. There is no such thing as a closed platform. Software was meant to be liberated, and we believe we are the liberator.”

Introducing PortJump and ExecMode

PortJump helps app and game developers broaden their market beyond Windows users. With CodeWeavers signature CrossOver technology, no source code changes are required. This eliminates the need for clients to maintain two or more code bases, while bringing their Windows based app or game to the macOS, Linux and/or ChromeOS marketplace. ExecMode helps organizations solve their most ghastly technical challenges with our unmatched expertise and talent.

“It’s the first time we put names and branding into our porting service (PortJump) and our consulting service (ExecMode).” Founder and CEO of CodeWeavers Jeremy White reveals. “Rest assured my open-source aficionados, the new branding only enhances our commitment to Wine and the open-source community. We believe in building up the open source community. In building up the next generation of talent. The best people will be attracted to the greatest causes. And we don’t care what the popular kids think. All while preserving the mischievous humor we enjoy so much.”

CodeWeavers’ core mission is to support people using Windows technology without Windows by sustaining and improving the Wine project.

“We are developers at our core, who are not afraid of technical, often messy challenges. We bend rules, we accomplish the unexpected, we take risks. We are disruptive, yet good natured,” Marketing Director Jana Schmid declares. “We believe in doing hard things because they are hard. In taking our mission seriously, and ourselves less seriously. That makes us fun to be around.”

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About CodeWeavers
We're rebels. We're misfits. But mostly, we're software liberators. And we're very, very good at what we do. We have to be. Lots of developers work with open source, but only a tiny fraction of those are good enough to get software that was designed for one platform to work on another one. We invented CrossOver software - a completely unique approach to cross-platform compatibility that does not require dual-boot or another OS license. We launched PortJump to help app and game developers broaden their market beyond Windows® users. And we launched ExecMode to help Enterprise organizations solve really ugly technical challenges. For more information, visit

Jana Schmid, CodeWeavers

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