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How to install CrossOver Linux 19.0.0 on openSUSE Tumbleweed

For anyone looking to install the latest version of CrossOver on one of the best Linux distros, openSUSE Tumbleweed (I know, I know), here is what worked for me. Disclaimer: I understand that you probably don't need all of these packages. This is the result of hours of trial and error. The end result is that CrossOver installs successfully and Microsoft Office 365 works beautifully.

1) Run this command:

sudo zypper install gstreamer32 libdrm python3-gobject gobject-introspection girl libdrm python-gobject typelib-1_0-Gtk-3_0 python-xml libcapi20-3-32bit fontconfig-32bit libgphoto2-6-32bit libgsm1-32bit liblcms2-2-32bit libopenal1-32bit libOSMesa9-32bit sane-backends-32bit libXcomposite1-32bit libXinerama1-32bit libxslt1-32bit libXxf86vm1-32bit libgphoto2-6-32bit libudev1-32bit libxshmfence1-32bit libefl1 libglvnd-32bit liblcms2-2-32bit libnss_nis2-32bit libpciaccess0-32bit libxcb-dri3-0-32bit libxcb-glx0-32bit libxcb-present0-32bit libxcb-sync1-32bit libcups2-32bit gtk3 python3-gobject wine gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-base gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer-plugins-ugly nss-mdns-32bit libgphoto2-6-32bit openal-soft-devel-32bit sane-backends-32bit libxslt1-32bit libnsl2-32bit libnsl2 gstreamer-32bit

2) Download and install CrossOver Linux 19.0.0 (Generic Shell Installer, Ubuntu 12.04 and earlier), not the RPM <-- you are welcome to try the RPM, I just didn't use it.

3) run this command: /home/user/cxoffice/bin/cxfix --auto


I'm glad I found this thread through a search engine; your steps worked for me, although with a few unexpected results along the way.

I also am a Tumbleweed user, and wanted to use CrossOver 19 to install several Win programs onto a desktop and a laptop. CrossOver issued now-forgotten error messages on the desktop when I attempted to install one day, then mysteriously behaved and finished installation a few days later.

On the laptop, I saw:

CrossOver needs your permission to install missing packages.
This operation must be run as root:

sh - c "sypper install gtk3 python3-gobject"

Trying with sudo ...

'gtk3' not found in package names.  Trying capabilities.
'libgtk-3-0' providing 'gtk3' is already installed.
'python3-gobject' is already installed.
No update candidates for 'python3-gobject-3.34.0-3.3.x86_64'.  The highest available version is already installed.

And then later:

Some errors may prevent CrossOver Linux from working correctly.
* Could not load the GObject-Introspection Python module.
* Could not load the Gobject-Introspection data for GTK.

You may be able to fix some issues by running one of the following commands as root:

openSUSE <= 11.2 zypper install gtk3 python3-gobject

Most importantly: it wouldn't work.

I discovered this thread and followed your steps. I used an .rpm CrossOver file, as that's what I had, saw some error messages on the sudo zypper install packages, and received an error message when I ran the cxfix command.

But, bottom line: CrossOver now works. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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