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i386 file support

so, it's now 2019 & I'm playing with a New Install of Cx, but it won't install on this New Install of LinuxMint 19/64bit .. ..

    • it says that it has a unmet dependency in libpng12-0 and so, had to manually download,
      the file libpng12-0_1.2.54-1ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb for AMD64 machines.

once that was installed manually - - the New Install of Cx went ahead, whilst still requiring the download of a stack of i386 files.

    • all good, but the Cx Installer wouldn't run, until that libpng12-0 was installed first.

now, it's time to see what I'm able to Install / Import from my list of Files & Archives.

NB: you can also use: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 - - before you install,, rather than replying on the Cx installer to do that bit.
but could still be that initial libpng12-0 error.

Hi Pierre,

Are you using Cinnamon, MATE, or Xfce?


I had same issue both in Mint Cinnamon and LMDE, as I've used Debian more often than Ubuntu or Mint.
The only distro I had absolutely no trouble installing and running CXOffice is Zorin OS 12. It installed and behaved like putty in my hands.

so - I'm using LM19.x Mate version,
and it seems that I'm able to install New Programs - - only tested, just a few - - they do install A.ok.

but, if I've imported one of my several archives - they don't seem to work, properly,
& I'm not real sure of what is going on, as another Laptop, Cx 17.5 does seem to be working ok.
so - I'll try that version, as well as the later Cx 18 version, again, on this particular desktop. ..

Hi Pierre,

Could you be a bit more specific? Which programs did you archive that didn't work well? What specific things did you notice as broken?

Did you create the archives on CX 18.1 and are opening them with the same version of CrossOver?


some of these files were created with Cx 14, and Cx 15 or there-about.
& none of them for Cx 17 or Cx 18, when the individual program is run, some of them give the error:

  • 'unexpected handle in net framework' - - not all of them, do though - - some installs didn't need that to run ..
    when they were first installed, that is.

these are a bunch of Morse Code programs, in the one bottle.

  • two other bottles, containing either eSword / theWord seem to be fine.
    & another bottle containing the program RapidTyping is also fine.
    yet another bottle contains M$ Office 2013, which has issues, as well.

maybe it's that I'm expecting too much, when restoring those older archives, to an later release of Crossover ?.

  • my idea, back then, was to potentially to avoid any re-install issues, but maybe those bottles are too old ?.
    and maybe not as compatible, with the new versions of Crossover, as I'd was thinking ..that they would be.

they were all created on an 32bit LinuxMint machine, and generally with win-xp as the bottle's base.

    • same hardware, as I've still got, but with some older versions of LinuxMint & Crossover.

the joy of having several PCs is that you can keep on going:

    • installed Cx 18.1 and import those bottle's yet again. ..
      only one of the Morse Code programs failed - the one that needed net-framework, to install, & still gives an Unhandled Exception Error.
      and of course, M$ Office 2013 won't run - some parts load / no run,, other parts won't run at all.
    • seems to be tied in with trying to Activate < again > yet it was activated, when the install was completed.
      that may be tied in with that fact that this bottle was created with Cx 15 ?.

any-way this is not any sort of disaster - - these are My Test PCs


Hi Pierre,

Thank you for the details. We do have a bug regarding upgrading old, activated Office bottles, and I think we are close to a solution there. It is good to hear that most of the bottles did survive the upgrade.


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