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Update AMD Radeon Pro graphics on 2017 5K iMac?

Hi! I'd like to try running CrossOver on my 2017 5K iMac, with its Radeon Pro 575 graphics card. But when I try running 3D games with Crossover, I get an error message that my AMD drivers need updating.

I've tried going to AMD's site, finding the driver updater they released for Macs like mine when using BootCamp, and running it via Crossover. However, the app fails to detect my graphics card, and thus says it can't run any updates.

Has anyone else had a problem like this? Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks much!

I'm pretty sure that you do not need to upgrade your graphics drivers. You're probably getting this from the program you're trying to install itself, since it can't find out what your Windows graphics driver is (obviously).

What program are you trying to run?

You can't install windows drivers on MacOS. What is the error message specifically?

I'm trying to run Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017) through Steam and Origin. It isn't listed in the compatibility database, but I've found that it's (somewhat) playable on an M1 Mac. I wanted to see whether I could get better performance from it on an Intel Mac.

I'd have to download it again into my Steam bottle to see what the exact error message was. (When it didn't initially work, I deleted it to free up hard drive space.) But I wasn't trying to install PC graphics card drivers on my Mac. I was trying to install them within my Steam bottle in Crossover, running the installer within the bottle.

Is there a way to get a particular bottle to find and recognize your graphics card?

Here's the specific error message: "Detected AMD Radeon driver version UNKNOWN. The required driver version is 18.5.1 (18.10.16) or later. Please update your drivers at before playing the game." I've got the DVXK back end for D3D enabled in the bottle. What else can I do, if anything, to get Crossover to recognize my graphics card? And why does this fail with an Intel Mac and an AMD Radeon GPU, but work (...ish) on my M1 Mac?

You cannot install drivers like that into crossover. That's not how it works. You cannot, under any circumstances, install graphics drivers into crossover or wine. They're not a virtual machine.

Thanks! I'm reasonably familiar with Macs but barely conversant with Windows. I figured that since I could update DXVK components inside the bottle's C: drive, I might be able to update drivers in some similar fashion, but clearly not.

So what, if anything, CAN I do to get this working? Or do I just wait for the next version of CrossOver and hope it expands support to include my particular graphics card? I saw something about how Wine 7 expands its list of supported graphics cards, and I know that CrossOver's planning to incorporate Wine 7 into a future version later this year.

Firstly, no matter if run through WINE or in a VM, you can never install hardware close drivers into any of these. This simply will not work, as WINE or the virtual machine still access hardware through the host operating system, in this case macOS.

So, no hardware drivers for any operating system can be installed on these.

Secondly, this looks like a game issue to me. The game is seemingly trying to check if you have certain graphics hardware by checking the GPU driver version instead on relying on DirectX's API to report GPU capabilities. This, in order to use features only certain GPU hardware provides.

I'm not certain if there is a hack (basically) that allows to circumvent that check. Theoretically it is possible, but you need to find someone who is capable to hack this together. Not sure if this will ever be implemented into WINE (and therefore into CrossOver), but I might be wrong.

Thanks! Any idea why this would work on an M1 processor, but not an Intel/AMD combo? Maybe because the M1 has an integrated GPU, instead of a discrete one?

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