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App not in Google play store

It’s says that the crossover app is now not in the google play store ..


I noticed that too and put in a support ticket. The president of CodeWeaver's replied and said, "Google pulled CrossOver for ChromeOS, but they have yet to tell us why. We're working with them to figure out if there is an issue or if this was an oversight on their part." Hopefully this will get worked out soon!

Crossover is still missing from Play store

If you know how to sideload apks, you can search the web and still get/find CrossOver from apk sites. But be careful to get the apk from a well-known/safe site (perhaps like, however they only have v18.0 and the latest version is v18.1.0).

Gotta go into developer mode to sideload and doing that powerwashes your chromebook.

Leaving developer mode makes you powerwash again...I shall wait patiently until Google resolves.

Likely the best idea for everyone honestly. It's unfortunate that this has happened and I hope CodeWeavers is able to resolve it with Google soon...

Thx for replying- Hopefully asap

  • I was getting a run32dll error within Quicken and uninstalled and reinstalled that (did not resolve). So I thought I would start from complete scratch - not realizing that it's missing from the Play Store! In a financial limbo at the mo...

That doesn't sound fun. I just found this article which tells you how to install APKs without having to enter Developer Mode. It sounds like sometimes though, it requires a Powerwash to work correctly (and it's a tad technical). So if you're financial dilemma is critical, you might want to give it a whirl...

If you have a compatible Chromebook, one alternative for running Quicken is to use the Linux beta and install the Linux version of CrossOver. The list of Chromebooks that currently support this feature is here:

And this is a basic article on how to get Linux running on those specific Chromebooks:

Any updates on Google Store availability?

Yeah! The app is back in the Google Play store. I have reinstalled it and my Quicken 2019 Deluxe, but am now back to my original issue. After opening Quicken and entering my data id like normal, it crashes with this error -

"The program rundll32.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close, we are sorry for this inconvenience. This may be caused by a problem in the program or a deficiency in Wine. You may want to check Codeweavers for tips for running this application."


don't know whether or not you've already tried this, but I read about a Quicken 2017 fix for this error which was to change the Bottle from Windows 10 to Windows 7. Have you tried that? do I change the bottle?

In CrossOver,

click once on your app's name like you always do to run it. This open's up the app's drawer where you would normally click on a different icon to fire it up. Instead, click on the same icon once more. This brings up the CrossOver config. screen for the Bottle. Near the top right-hand side of the window, is a cog wheel (it might be a drop down button, I don't have my Chromebook handy at the moment to double check). Click on the cog wheel (or drop down) and select "Wine Configuration"and I believe it is right there in a drop down as to what version of Windows is being "frameworked." If it isn't "Windows 7", try changing it to "Windows 7." If that doesn't work you may want to try some other version of Windows and see if one of them is the key. I believe there is a back arrow near the upper left to take you back to the window where you can click on the icon to start you app and test.

I am able to get to the wine configuration screen. It is already set to Windows 7 and the program will allow me to change to a different Windows version but it does not stay after clicking apply, goes back to windows 7 when i go back in.


I've never had that problem before, but now I can duplicate it every time. I found a workaround though. Once you're in Wine Configuration and you select "Windows 7" and hit the "Apply" button, then in the selection box above it, on that tab ("Applications" tab for me), there is a highlighted/selected option (for me, it is "Default"). I clicked on the next line/option below "Default", thus selecting it, and then, I clicked on "Default" again. Then I clicked the "OK" button closing out the entire Window. That made it stick for me.

Thanks for replying. I tried running through the different versions of Windows, but the run32dll error remains.

So I uninstalled Quicken 2019 deluxe and reinstalled Quicken 2017 and got the same run32dll error.

I was able to get a log of the error when it popped up in Quicken 2017.

System.Exception: Channel disconnected


Sorry Frank,

One more question, have you installed the .Net Framework into the bottle? It is apparently required to run Quicken. If you are on v2017 then Quicken needs Microsoft .Net 4.0 or later installed, and if you're in v2019, Quicken needs Microsoft .Net 4.6 or later installed. If you're not using a CrossTie to install it, then do the method I told you above to get to CrossOver's configuration screen with the cog wheel and drop down button, and use the cog wheel to select to "Install component" and type ".Net" in the search bar and then select the appropriate version of Microsoft .Net to install (I'd recommend 4.0 for Quicken 2017 and 4.6.2 for Quicken 2019). it will take a little while and should install any prior versions of Microsoft .Net that are required too. Once it's finished, give Quicken a try again.

If none of that works then about the only other things I can point you to are the Quicken updates files here for Quicken 2017, which sometimes appears to fix things, and then for forums on this site here, again for Quicken 2017, as some folks seem to have it working. If you still can't get it working then you may want to file a support ticket.

Thanks for all your help, but still no do I open as support ticket?

Simply go here and fill it out.

I received an answer on my run32dll issue.

Thank you for writing us. Quicken installs but does not allow sign in that triggers the run32dll. This is a known bug after a recent update, and we unfortunately don't have a fix for this as of yet.

Sorry about that. Any way you can install and run the un-updated version? you cannot install apks independently, without the temporary Developer mode getting in the way.

Gotta wait



Just tried. Still not there apparently.

Holy s**t works, need to open in google play store

Alex Liu wrote:

Holy s**t
works, need to open in google play store

I still get "item not found" when opening in Play Store.

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