CodeWeavers Privacy Policy

Modified: June 19, 2018

CodeWeavers, Inc is dedicated to protecting the privacy of it's customers.

We have added a more detail to our privacy policy in order to address the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That detail is below.

The high level summary remains: we collect information in order to provide excellent customer service and to understand the patterns of people visiting our website. We do not give your information to third parties without your consent. We do not collect more information than we need, and we take meaningful steps to secure what information we have gathered.

What data do we collect?

Data gathered voluntarily

We will ask you for your name and email. We will do this if you request a trial version, and we will also do this if you purchase our products. We will use your email to send you emails about the product you have expressed interest in. We will use your email for other mailings if you opt in to those mailing lists. Each of those email lists are described at the time of the 'opt in' presentation.

If you create an account on our website, whether to purchase a product, or simply to participate in the resources we make available (such as our forum), all of your data will be keyed to your email. That is your primary login credential, and the key we use to store data. We will ask you for a password, but we will store only a hash of that password, not the password itself.

We will invite you to supply further information, such as alternate emails, biographical details, and an optional 'avatar'. All of this information is optional, and is largely used to enhance the experience of interacting on our forums and to make it easier to receive customer support from us. As a rule, we never require information that is not truly required.

In general, any communication you send to us will be stored in a database. That includes emails we receive, tickets you submit to us, or posts you make in our forums. We will store the information you send us, and any response we send to you.

If you make a purchase with us, we will gather enough information to authorize the purchase, including address and credit card details. However, we never store any credit card information. All such information is transmitted to a third party processor and then discarded. We currently use Paypal to process our credit card transactions.

Our CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Linux products each have a facility which can permit us to gather and transmit usage data to our server. This facility is strictly opt in. All data transmitted is anonymized prior to transmission. The data transmitted includes information on what Windows programs you have installed and whether or not you appear to be able to run them successfully.

Data gathered automatically

We gather data that is provided by your web browser, including your IP address and the browser agent string (i.e. OS platform, browser version). We will use your IP address to geolocate you. Our website will include Javascript or other code that will embed tracking cookies from third party services, most notably Google Analytics. We will use those third party services to keep track of traffic to our website. With Google Analytics we set the anonymizeIp flag.

We make no effort to connect these two data sets; our intention is to use the automatic data in the aggregate, and not in the specific. That is, we do not store any of the automatic data in the database that holds your email and the information you have provided to us.

We will store a cookie in your browser to manage a session with us; that gives you a 'login' capability on our website. That cookie is simply a uniquie session ID that ties to session data stored in RAM on the server. We don't store anything in the cookie itself. Note that the use of cookies is standard on the internet. You can configure your browser and whether or not it will accept cookes. Note that if you do not accept our cookie, some features of our web site will not work.

How do we use your data?

The primary data we request from you is your email, and we use that to communicate with you. We also use your email and password as keys to unlock any purchased version of CrossOver. If you communicate with us via our forums or ticket system, we will use the information you provide to attempt to help you. If you participate in our forums, we will present any information about yourself that you volunteer (i.e. your avatar). If you provide us with an address, we will use it to ship physical items to you, in the rare event that we need to ship you something physical.

We use your geolocation to set the currency and amount for your purchase.

We use the aggregate data we collect from all of our customers to attempt to understand the pattern of visits to our web in order to attract more customers and provide better services.

If you purchase a product from us, we will use your email address to send you updates about that product and the status of your account with us.

If you allow us to use your usage data, we use it in the aggregate to understand what our customers are actually trying to run, and how well it works for them. We then use that data to prioritize our work on Wine and CrossOver to improve our customers experience.

How do we keep your data safe?

We have a small but dedicated team that is responsible for our web infrastructure, and all of your data is stored on our own servers. Our staff actively seeks out and follows industry best-practices for security, including monitoring security mailing lists for areas of concern. We hire an outside third party to scan our websites for any indications of insecure practices, and cure any concerns raised by that third party.

How long do we keep your data?

We retain the voluntary data you provide us with indefinitely. The data we gather in an automated fashion is purged from our servers within approximately 6 months (as our Apache logs rotate). Data automatically shared with third parties such as Google Analytics are retained by them in whatever is their default mode.

What are your rights?

You have the right to know what data we have about you and you can request a copy. You can request to have your information deleted from our web site, although note that any such request will limit our ability to support you.

How to contact us?

If you have a concern about any behavior of ours, we would appreciate an email to and a chance to address any concern you may have.

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