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CrossOver doesn't work?

just installed CrossOver under LinuxMint 5
without any problems.
But now: Not possible to start any part of CrossOver
no configuration....... nothing.
Once there came a message.. anything about a 'bottle'.
Has anybody had the same problem?
I had installed WINE before but since installation of CrossOver it is gone.

Any idea?


Have a look at;layout=user_tickets;sort%5Bstatus%5D=ASC

Is this the error message you get?


I also have the same issue, any fixes?

If I try to open an windows allication I get following error message:

"Unable to find the 'default' bottle.
bottle 'default' not found in /home7user/.cxoffice.
bottle 'default' not found in /opt/cxoffice/support."

Deinstallation routine doesn't work,
please how can I uninstall CrossOver manual completely?


So no ideas.
Will try to delete Crossover completly by myself and will work further only with wine.
Seems to be easier.


While Linux Mint 5 is not supported, we have seen some of these errors. The first step is to uninstall and reinstall CrossOver clean (on the premise that perhaps CrossOver was corrupted during download). Next step is to try a different installer... using the deb or rpm, try the loki, using the loki try the deb or rpm, depending on what your specific distro needs. These are all things we would ask you to try if you submitted a ticket with this issue.

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CrossOver can be fully uninstalled by following the steps listed here:

We have tested Linux Mint 5 in house... not extensively. In our tests CrossOver runs decently on it. The biggest issue we see is that it takes extra work to get the menu items to appear. However, your mileage may vary depending on the specifics of your system.

I had the same problem.
I realised I needed to create the Default bottle before any of it would work.
this is what I did (don't know if there's an easier way - I've only been using it for 20mins):
Click: Applications > Crossover > Configuration
Select the Manage Bottles tab
Click the + button (bottom left) and create the Default bottle.

I used the rpm for install on centos.
to uninstall the rpm use root permissions to execute the following command:
yum remove crossover-standard-demo.i386

All the best


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