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Registration failed (Arch Linux)

I'm having some problems registering my version of crossover.

It's working fine on Arch on my PC, but when I try to register it on my laptop, I get the following error: image

I've installed it via AUR, but got the same error, then I removed it and reinstalled it via the binary provided on the website under "My Downloads" section.

Neither work.

even if I run xcregister as sudo, the problem persists.

Kind regards,

I just tried activating it on yet another installation of Arch Linux and it works. So I guess something is wrong with the laptop's installation.
I'm wondering if the problem was, that I installed it via AUR first and it set some permissions on some files and the purge didn't get rid of them.
But then again, why doesn't root work then.
This is such a mistery.

Just to point out I have the same issue with my system. Except mine is Linux Mint 19.3, Crossover 19.0.0. When I run the "unlock", it prompts for email/password, then a "KDE su" window pops up, but it apparently wants the root password (and as a standard Mint install, there isn't one). I have some KDE tools installed (kceconnect, digikam, etc) mbut not the KDE Desktop.

Even running "sudo /opt/cxoffice/bin/cxregister" still causes it to prompt for the root password. It shows some long command it's trying to run, but the text cannot be selected (otherwise I'd have tried it directly from a command line).

EDIT: let me make a correction on that. Running cxregister with sudo doesn't work (rejects the command as it sees my own .cxoffice dir, which is not owned by root). If I do a "sudo -i" then run the cxregister command, it goes through the same steps, and still looks for the root password through KDEsu.

I could paste a screen clip, but the forum won't let me insert the picture.

Hi folks,

It sounds like both of you are having permissions issues. If you haven't already, you can try:

1) Quitting CrossOver to make sure it is not running for the following steps.
2) Downloading the license file from your account order.
3) Placing the file in /opt/cxoffice/etc.

If that doesn't work, please contact our official support team - you can use the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page.


Yep, that worked here. Thanks.

Thanks issue is fixed.

Hmm, doesn't work for me. On Crossover Linux 20.0.2 on Elementary OS (Ubuntu 18.04).

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