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Nvidia fx5700 wont recognize with css

I have crossover (Linux) when launching and playing counterstrike source, Crossover will only use Standard Graphics and wont use graphics card. When attempting to install drivers, "Error installation found no hardware matching drivers" and then exists.

There's some missunderstanding here. You have to install the Linux driver for your graphics card.

CrossOver never uses the graphics card directly. It uses the opengl implementation of your Linux system. That means that if you have Linux 3D drivers installed for your card, CrossOver will use them. It has no way of not using the graphics card if you have the Linux system set up properly.

You cannot install the Windows drivers in CrossOver though, essentially because the X server is in control of the graphics card, and CrossOver does not implement the Windows kernel infrastructure neccessary to run drivers. Instead, we rely on the services offered by Linux, X11 and its drivers.

If you are unsure wether your system is set up correctly, try to run a Linux 3D application like tuxracer.

thanks for the quick reply.
it seems all my linux nvidia drivers are working fine and there is no problem there.tuxracer works fine!!

Does the game now work as well?

It is working, but very slow and choppy everything is set to low and resolution is set at 800x600.

CS:S defaults to dxlevel 81 on your card on Windows. The card is technically capable of running at dxlevel 90, but the game uses the dxlevel 81 render path for performance reasons.

Can you check if the game uses dxlevel 81 on your setup as well? I can imagine that CS:S detects the dxlevel 90 capability, but not the fact that you have a geforce 5 class card, and uses dxlevel 90, which is slow. If This happens, try to switch it to dxlevel 81 or 80.

sorry for the delayed reply.
changed counter strike run properties to dxlevel80 same as before. i looked at the in game settings it says hardware running at directx 8 and software is directx 9. Not shore on how to change software directx settings.

The software directx has no meaning, it is just there and always shows 9.0. Changing the hardware settings is good enough.

Can you run the stress test(possibly at low shader settings) and tell me the framerate you got? Also please try the stress test in dxlevel 70.

Hi again
dxlevel80 11.38fps
dxlevel70 12.68fps
everything on low.

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