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Finding font differences between two computers

I am new to CrossOver but so far love it. I have the trial on two machines but there is a difference between them for some reason.

There is one particular application which I use heavily and has so far been running in VirtualBox in Windows 10 (I am trying to use CrossOver so I can dump Windows). The app is built on .Net 4.5.2. In this app, I use Vietnamese characters (lots of diacritics on the letters). On one computer (my desktop) everything displays as it should. On the other (my laptop) any letter which is not a standard letter (so the extended letters which I guess require a unicode font) show up as squares.

Both computers run Ubuntu 16.04 and mostly have the exact same software installed. Both have CrossOver 16.2.0.

I do not know why there would be different fonts on the two computers but there are some differences in installed software so perhaps that is why. The two bottles were setup the exact same way (installed .Net 4.5.1, then another app, then 4.5.2, then the app in question).

I am wondering how I can figure out how to get the laptop to have the same fonts in CrossOver as my desktop, hoping that fixing that will fix my main problem of the extended characters not displaying properly.

Any insights would be greatly welcomed.

You could compare the folders where fonts reside to recognize the differences


I don't know about comparing, I guess you could use your package manager to find out what font are installed on each system. Since that depends on your distro, you'll have to specify.

On the other hand, I don't know that you have to bother in the first place. The Arch Linux wiki (being an Arch user myself) lists ttf-hannon as a good font for the Vietnamese language. If it were for myself, I would just try to install that from my distro's repositories and call it a day. The probability is you just don't have the right fonts, so it would make sense to just install a font for the language. I don't think it would matter if it's the same on both systems as long as it works.

Thanks for your post. It gave me the idea of just copying all my fonts from my desktop to my laptop.

Now it works just fine.

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