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Asus Zenfone 2 Working Games

Examples of games running on the ZE551ML. Note that any version higher than 16.2 breaks Direct3D on this device.

Wizard 101 - Notice the texture issue prevalent, and where downloading the high detail textures (characters, weapons) has resolved it in places. Not sure if the dxt or dds compression issues are inherent in Crossover or maybe the PowerVR chipset of the ZF2. Morrowind produces a similar effect.

Deus Ex/Unreal Engine games - Manual Install. No issues.

Ultima Online - Manual Install. No issues.

Morrowind - Default manual installation. Notice the same texture compression issues that appeared in Wizard101.

Now, adding community provided uncompressed textures (dds format) to Morrowind's Data Files directory:


D3DQuake - drag'n'drop of files for the installation. Very slow, 5-10fps. Is Crossover doing a software based D3D wrapper, or is it true hardware acceleration?


Hi there, thank you for posting this.

What version are you running? Since open beta, the app is not suited for small screen devices. With some trouble I managed to instal steam. It works fine, but any instaled games (like Deus Ex) simply won't launch. Even when starting through .exe and not in steam. Heck I cound not even managed to get the manual instal of Doom demo or openTTD running.

I've stayed on 16.2 for the exact reasons you mentioned. Codeweavers appears to have their sights set primarily on Chromebooks and I believe this has ended up breaking things along the way for Intel-based smartphone users such as ourselves. I mean, I get it, that's how they're going to make their money, since only gluttons for punishment would try using productivity apps on small screen devices with on-screen keyboards. For gaming, however, it's a nice alternative to Dosbox and virtual machine apps. But that's definitely a niche market of an already niche market.

I've also found that the GUI installer routines are terrible, mostly counter-productive. When I start out with a fresh install of 16.2, I usually do an install of 7-zip through the GUI, then use the shortcut it creates to always get to my Wine desktop. From there, if I need to install something, I copy the installation media to the C: drive of Crossover using 7-zip, since that seems to overcome some file ownership issues that will crash applications and installers. For instance, almost anything I try to run directly from my SD card or emulated SD card storage on the phone will error out.

Looking back on this, I should clarify, when I say use 7-zip to copy things over to Crossover's C drive, what I meant was, create a .zip or .rar or .7z in Android of whatever files you need to run on Crosssover. Then launch your archive manager of choice in Crossover and unzip that archive to the Crossover C drive. That allowed me to overcome numerous installer and application issues. I'm assuming it's weird Android permissions that don't allow you to directly copy and then run files in the Crossover environment. So for example, with Deus Ex, I had the iso of the Deus Ex CD on my Android SD card, and I used 7-zip inside of Crossover to extract the iso to a folder on the Crossover C drive. I then used winecfg to make that folder the Crossover D drive, and installed from there.

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